QUESTIONS ABOUT CONCRETE pattern imprinted concrete Concrete Driveways in London


How do I find the right contractor to install my driveway? Start your search right here

Start your search right here. You can search by post code or town for Pattern imprinted concrete in your area, that install new concrete driveways or restore existing driveways.

Other ways to hunt down a driveway specialiast:

•Look at decorative concrete driveways in your neighborhood and get the names of the contractors who installed the driveways that appeal to you most. Be sure to ask the homeowners about their experience with the contractor and the quality of the workmanship.

•Get references from friends, homebuilders or local ready-mix suppliers.

•Get names through your search engine using Google, Check A Trade and your local Yellow Pages, 

Once you come up with a list of contractors, be sure to ask for references and get a list of projects in your area that you can check out. Also ask how long the contractor has been in business.

Do I need to seal my new concrete driveway?

You should apply a high-quality sealer to all exterior concrete exposed to freeze-thaw conditions. The sealer helps protect the concrete from moisture absorption, exposure to chemicals, and grease and oil stains. On decorative colored concrete, a sealer will also help enhance the color of your concrete patterned driveway.

Generally, there are two types of sealers used for exterior concrete: film-formers and penetrants. Penetrating sealers tend to offer the best protection from moisture absorption. Regardless of the sealer you use, be sure it's applied according to the manufacturer's instructions.

What if the driveway cracks?

Although joints will control cracking in most cases, even properly jointed concrete can crack in places other than the joints. Most of these random cracks are simply unplanned joints and won't impact the long-term service and durability of your driveway. But they can detract from the appearance. If you're concerned about random cracking, ask your contractor what measures he will take to prevent it and what his policy is about fixing any random cracking that does occur.

What if the colour isn't what I expected?

It's unrealistic to expect your contractor to precisely match the colour of your concrete driveway to a showroom sample, a neighbour's decorative concrete driveway, or a photo from a brochure. Even plain concrete can exhibit colour variations, especially if the project requires more than one load of concrete or if the concrete placements are made on different days. Most of these variations are minor and will fade over time.

What is the cost of a Patterned concrete driveway?

What is the cost of a Pattern imprinted concrete driveway?

Your initial cost to install a pattern concrete driveway can range anywhere from £65 per square meter for basic patterned concrete (using just one pattern and color) to £120 or more per square meter for elaborate multi-pattern designs with special colouring effects). Not only does a concrete driveway last longer and require less maintenance than most other paving materials, it can help boost the resale value of your home.