Block paving

Block paving waste of money

Block paving is one way to throw your money down the drain it tends to look great when its first installed, but after 6-12months weeds, moss and more importantly sinkage tend to be very common issues. Oil stains can also be a big problems. As there is no resin seal to protect  The surface. And can cost  hundreds of pounds a year to get jet wash & re-sanded.


Tarmac driveway old and worn out

Tarmac can be prone to cracking and potholes, along with low resistance to oil staining. Moss growth can also be a common problem in damp environments.


Gravel driveway

Shingle may seem a cheap alternative initially – but it has a habit of ‘disappearing’ through use and is not the most attractive of options. Regular top-ups mean you’re better investing in a more permanent solution – and not having to try to retrieve shingle from your lawn and inside the house.

natural stone/paving

Block paving just 1 year old

natural stone slabs are not suitable for heavy  traffic areas due to the fact that they will break/crack/move due to the weight of vehicles.

Whether used on driveways or patios, long-term they will all suffer from a need to be re-pointed regularly along with commonly suffering from a build up of algae/dirt over a period of time.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete concrete driveway

Pattern imprinted concrete wash off reseal

This Imprinted concrete driveway in the  Picture to the left is around 18 years old and has suffered the constant weather and vehicle traffic abuse as the traditional methods above without any of the drawbacks, as you can see. The Picture to the right has had a wash off & reseal cost £460 and it looks as good as the day it was laid.

its all in the name concrete Driveways really do  Last.