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Pattern imprinted concrete driveways

pattern imprinted concrete driveways

pattern imprinted concrete driveways

pattern imprinted concrete driveways pattern imprinted concrete driveways

Concrete driveways last is a family run Business 15 years Experience 5 Years guaranteed on all Installations.


concrete driveway process

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Simply get your installation resealed every 3-5 years. This will protect the drive from any deterioration and keep mould and algae at bay. Resealing is something we  offer but is also a fairly simple DIY chore. above is a picture of a 18 year old driveway looking as good as the day it was laid after a reseal On the right Look at the block paving done only 1 year old.

Can you honestly imagine block paving looking as pristine after 18 years. It would more likely be dipping and puddling,riddled with mould and covered with weeds, and on top of all that it would be fading rapidly (unless the more expensive clay pavers had been used). 

Low maintenance Imprinted concrete driveways

Low maintenance

When will my concrete reach its maximum strength?

Typical industrial concrete will recognise its full workable strength at the 28 day mark. After 7 days of curing, the concrete will have reached approximately 50-70% strength. For those who are laying concrete in a domestic area, like the garden, concrete is reasonably set within 24-48 hours. This means your little tyke (or the neighbour’s dog) won’t leave their footprints in the concrete but it does not mean the concrete is ready to be driven over by heavy vehicles. Leave that until after the 28 day period if possibl.

Stamped Pattern imprinted concrete driveways

Concrete strength

What if the colour isn't what I expected?

It's unrealistic to expect your contractor to precisely match the colour of your concrete driveway to a showroom sample, a neighbour's decorative concrete driveway, or a photo from a brochure. Even plain concrete can exhibit colour variations, especially if the project requires more than one load of concrete or if the concrete placements are made on different days. Most of these variations are minor and will fade over time.


pattern imprinted concrete 

Do I need to seal my new concrete driveway?

You should apply a high-quality sealer to all exterior concrete exposed to freeze-thaw conditions. The sealer helps protect the concrete from moisture absorption, exposure to chemicals, and grease and oil stains. On decorative colored concrete, a sealer will also help enhance the color of your concrete patterned driveway.

Generally, there are two types of sealers used for exterior concrete: film-formers and penetrants. Penetrating sealers tend to offer the best protection from moisture absorption. Regardless of the sealer you use, be sure it's applied according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Seal concrete driveways

Concrete driveways sealer

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We have over three decades of experience in the imprinted concrete and groundworks industry. 

We offer a clean quality service throughout london ,Kent,Ilford,tilbury,surrey, and  surrounding areas. 

We have built an enviable reputation in the local area through hard work, professionalism and our commitment to the job at hand, whether sub-contracting or acting as principal contractor to commercial or domestic projects. We have a professional team of highly skilled groundworkers, machine drivers and general operatives all of which are CSCS/CPCS registered. 

A large part of our work comes from customer recommendation, reflecting the high standard of our workmanship.

At concrete driveways last

At concrete driveways last 

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