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Pattern imprinted concrete driveways, low maintenance & weed free paving

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Pattern imprinted concrete driveways Cost

Decorative pattern imprinted concrete costs between £40-45 for an over Lay.

dig up and re lay between £60-80 a Square metre. Get your quote today!  Limited spaces this year..

Summer offer

Wash off and re seals £8-10 a square metre. 

Why not refresh your tired & distressed looking driveway or garden patio ready for summer time.

base course

Common issues these days with the crushed Tarmac 20 ml to dust and crushed concrete is actually being passed by majority of recycled yards As type 1 due to compaction, however it's like a vauxhall and a Rolls Royce if your willing to pay for the proper quarry type 1, it will be longer lasting and it will compact much tighter and give you a solid sub base.

Pattern imprinted concrete

•The finished surface is 25% stronger than normal concrete so the patterns are permanent.

• maintenance free

• Weeds and algae cannot grow on the surface.

• The surface is sealed to repel dirt and stains so they wash off easily.

• We use structural grade 35 newton, fibre reinforced concrete.

• The colouring used is UV resistant so there is no fading.

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