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Wether selling, preparing to rent out your property or simply personalising your dream home, pattern imprinted concrete is one sure way to add value to your property - and with style too.

Here at CDL we understand the need for a cost effective and low maintenance product that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. 

Pattern imprinted concrete has been around a while now, it’s no secret. What sets our company apart from the rest is our commitment to realising your vision, be it a new driveway project, patio or even a winding cobble path that needs laying we are the go-to professionals for getting it just right, every time.

What is Pattern Imprinted Concrete?


Pattern imprinted concrete is concrete that is skilfully embossed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, and various other patterns and textures. 

What you are essentially left with is a slab of solid concrete that is extremely durable, long lasting and requires very little maintenance. 

Each project is custom built, with our clients choosing from an extensive array of patterns, colours, borders, steps, brick walls and fences. 

So How Does It Work?


Typically, for small to medium projects, our job is split up into a four stage process. Each stage takes a day to complete, with the entire project being completed within 8-10 working days. (Saturday is a working day for us).

Brick walls and fence work may take a little longer depending on the size and logistics of the job.

No two jobs are the same however, so book in for a free quote and we will get a member of the team out to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can email the office and receive a free digital copy of our brochure which gives you a step by step rundown of our process.

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